Monday, May 14, 2012


Diane has asked for PRAYER above all else.  She said, "I just want my daughter better, not to hurt, not to struggle to breathe.  I can go without food, I have water next to me but I need my daughter better."  She asked specifically for prayer covering in the night.  Around 4am she was at her worst and her heart rate was at 39/40.  Right now Lillian heart rate is at 59/60.  SAT's are now in the 80's.  Lillian is in great pain and it is so hard for Diane not to be able to comfort her and take this pain away.

The doctors are watching closely and talking about the vent if her numbers begin to go down again.

PLEASE PRAY PERFECT HEALING over Lilllian's little body.  God you are so mighty to save!

For those who are nearby and want to help she is in the Mary Brigh Building on the St. Mary's campus at Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota.  They are in PICU Room #3548 if you would like to have something sent to her and Lillian.  She is overwhelmed in gratefulness for the prayers of support by all of you who have given even in your own needy place. 

She is not receiving food from the cafeteria and has been eating snacks from other parents in the hospital. In addition, when she was in ER she asked for some type of medicine for herself but they would not treat her without payment.  She is coughing up "green" stuff and appears to be fighting her own sickness.  We are working on putting together food, hygiene, and OTC medicine and seeing about having someone local in Rochester deliver to her right away. If you would like to mail something to Diane directly, address any packages and mail them USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. to:

Attn: Lillian Higbie
Room # MBG 3548
St. Mary's Hosptial
1216 Second St., SW
Rochester, MN 55905

The most critical thing right now is prayer covering.  BLESSING is greater than the curse!  Light overcomes darkness! 

PLEASE pray that the enemy be silenced in the NAME OF JESUS! Holy is YOUR NAME Jesus, above all others! 

Thank you!! Bless you!!


Mark and Melanie said...

I will be delivering a little care package this evening.

Diane said...

Thank you so much Mark and Melanie! You are precious!


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