Thursday, May 17, 2012


Update on Lillian & Diane:  
This may be the final update from a friend because Diane & Lillian are heading HOME!! Lillian has been doing amazingly well! Yesterday, there was one small dip mid-day when she was getting tired and needing a nap. After the nap, she started cruising with Sats in the 90's and got OFF O2!  She then went all night without oxygen and her Sats stayed in the 90's! Diane has been improving as well. She asked Lillian if they should go home to daddy. She squealed so loud, and then gave her a loud "OH YEAH!" She has been signing, "farm," "daddy," and "tractor!" 
Please pray for complete healing for Diane & Lillian if there are any issues still unresolved, for safe travel, and also join us in praising and thanking God for His abundant provision and goodness! Diane is very grateful for your love, support, and prayers!

Fundraising Update:
There is a new fundraiser for the Higbies! Amanda Alexander is donating 50% of the profits from a Thirty-One party to the Higbie's Russian adoption fund to help support their travel costs now that their payment to their agency has been made! This party will run through May 30th.  Please visit here for the Thirty-One Party. Please participate if you can and pass the word along! 
Please look for more fundraisers coming up and some awesome giveaways as well! If you would like to host a fundraiser for the Higbie's, just let them know, and they can post the information! Thanks so much!

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