Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeking Truth

As I read through old blog posts from the past 2 years and searched journal entries that verify the truth, I am struck by the continued evidence of  God meeting us in our faith.  Faith that God is in control. Faith that He has called us to this. Faith that He is willing, able, and absolutely going to complete His work in us, through us. It's because of this faith we will not quit until we have tangible evidence that she is home. Whether that evidence has her here in my arms, in the arms of another, or in eternity in the arms of Jesus. We do not walk in the evidence of what is seen or tangible. We walk completely in the knowledge of His promises to us. That is all we need. We are fully aware it will be difficult. We are fully equipped in Jesus, to overcome whatever we face. There is nothing that will come, that He will be surprised by, or defeated with...NOTHING. 

So we press on. Knowing a precious little girl waits to know what it is to be loved. Knowing that it will continue to divide those who watch, wonder, and whisper. Those who, like Judas, profess their love and support to our faces, but betray us in the dark corners of their chat rooms and secret places. Those who profess their only concern is for the one who waits, but have turned from us, the ones who fight for her. 

This journey has been long, over two years. We have spent those years learning all we can of her homeland. The music, culture, food, history and even the government. In my seeking, I have amassed  many friends who were born, raised, and now live not only in the city she currently resides in, but also the capital city. We recently hosted a delegate of  diplomats and businessmen, and one business woman, from her home country and neighboring Eastern block countries on our farm. As we continue in this process we are grateful for their friendship and willingness to share insight that could only come from one raise in that culture. We are also grateful they know WHO we are. We have sowed into those relationships never knowing how priceless they would truly be until now. Again our Heavenly Father has "WOWed" us. 

While Bob and I sat at our breakfast table yesterday morning, we spoke of what lies ahead,  our expectations, and how we still have an open door to go forward. As he shared his heart with me I was stuck with the depth of his resolve to continue regardless of how our situation appears in the natural. After he got up from the table I wrote down part of what he had said to be able to remember it forever...

"The truth is the truth. Nothing great ever gets accomplished by just bowing down. If you look back in history all those who accomplished great things, faced great obstacles...they just didn't quit."  He talked of William Wilberforce and the tragedy of persecution in camp 22 in North Korea. He then took a seat out on the porch and put his boots on to return to the farm. Before walking out the door he said to me, "If I was her, I would want someone to choose me; to come for me."  

So it is that we will continue in our efforts to raise the funds we need to travel to do what is required to make her our daughter. We are grateful for all those, both individuals and ministries, that have partnered with us to help make it happen. We remain $8000. short of what we need for our first trip. With airfare hanging in the $3000/rt/per adult, and hotel at just over $100/night and Visas through CaringHands at $860 for Bob and I. We are hopeful that once this initial trip is completed and behind us the reality of our situation will become clearer to many. But whether it does or not will not effect our course of action. This journey is not about us. It not about any of you either for that matter. It's about following Jesus. Neither Bob nor I took a straw poll to see if our choice to choose Christ was the right thing to do. Likewise, we refuse to consider anything but His word now as we share in His suffering. We know in the end, this is about HIS glory not ours. Not yours. HIS. All Glory is yours Lord.  
Blog post from 9/30/10
I will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3
I am so grateful that I know His truth. That I know His eye is on the sparrow and it does not have to worry about worldly things. The things that we can get so wound up in. That His love is so much greater for her, for me, for you, than it is for the sparrow, that He has it all covered. There are no surprises for God. Almighty God, who created the universe with it's intricate exactness. The same God whose love for us is so great, that he left His throne in heaven, to come to earth, in human form, to face ridicule, rejection, and ultimately crucifixion, all in the name of love...for us. The God who descended into hell, to fight Satan for the keys to the kingdom, and rose in victory, all in the name of love..for us. The God, who ascended into heaven, and who sits at the right hand of the Father, to be our righteousness, in the name of love...for us. This is the God I serve. This is the God I love. This is the God who whispered in my ear a call to Go. This is the God who placed in my heart a deep love for a little girl I have never met. Knowing this God is all I need.I do not need to know today where His provision is coming from. I just need to continue on, moving forward, with my eyes on Him.I just need to do my very best at what He gives me today, and have faith he has tomorrow covered. When the time comes, He is ALWAYS enough. He is ALWAYS faithful.

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