Monday, May 14, 2012

Desperately needing prayer & support!

Update on Lillian & Diane:
Lillian is having issues recovering from yesterday's procedure.  Her sats, heart rate, and blood pressure won't stay up. Her heart rate has been in the low to mid 40's, and the A.M. O2 Sat was at 89. When she cries, her sats drop lower.  She keeps signing pain, so it seems that her throat is hurting her.  They have a new doctor today, and they are talking about putting Lillian on the ventilator, which is concerning because weaning off can be difficult. Diane is asking if there is a way to keep her off the vent and still treat her. 

As sick as she is, Lillian wants to be held all day, and Diane is grateful to be able to do that with God's grace and mercy, because she herself is very sick! Unfortunately, her husband, Bob, has had to go back to work at the farm, and so Diane is alone at her daughter's bed side with not even the ability to visit a snack machine. Lillian's condition was so urgent that Diane didn't even have time to grab her purse before rushing Lillian to the hospital. She is depending on the snacks brought to the parents. She is not able to be treated for her own sickness without leaving the facility and Lillian's side. If anyone can go by the hospital and provide anything that would be helpful such as meals, snacks, juice, or even over-the-counter meds, that would be very helpful! Diane has a sore throat, she's coughing, and it's in her lungs. It seems like a long shot, but if there is a family practitioner that could run by and see her, that would be a blessing as she likely needs a prescription but cannot get one without leaving her daughter. If you can go by personally, they are at the St. Mary's Hospital inpatient ward for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.. (It's the wing dedicated to Mayo Clinic patients only.) Lillian is in the PICU. Rebecca Johnson is coordinating help for Diane, so please email her if you can help in any way!

Financial Update:
Thank you very much to all who donated to help Diane and her family during the emergency fundraising! Out of the $6,569.44 total needed, $5,236.56 has come in, so they are short $1,332.88 of what they need. Due to the extenuating circumstances, they have been given a short extension to provide the remaining funds, but we do not know how long that extension will be at this point. It may be just for today. If there is anything you can do to help, even $10, it would be a huge blessing to Diane and the family! 

Donations can be made through Project Hopeful via:  or through Grace Haven via:  There is a Donate button on the upper right hand side of this blog for Project Hopeful donations.  If there are any issues with the Donate button, please go to the Project Hopeful web site linked to above, and when you make your donation, please reference "Lera" in the comments. For Grace Haven donations, please  click on the Donate button and also reference "Lera" when donating.

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